REINEVELD Centrifuge

REINEVELD® centrifuges are known for their exceptionally rugged design and reliable service.

Used worldwide for a variety of applications, the REINEVELD® centrifuges are especially well suited for dewatering of fine crystalline or granular solids in the range of 3 to 100 micron particle size. These centrifuges are in operation in most of the world's major starch refineries. Corn, wheat, tapioca, and potato starches are the most common applications. The centrifuges can also be used in other processes for the food, beverage, starch, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

When REINEVELD® centrifuges are applied to modified and unmodified starch suspensions, the machines have a capacity of up to 230 metric tons of dry product per day, depending on the type of product processed. Overall, the robust design of the centrifuge returns many years of service to the operators.
Dedert has owned the REINEVELD® "HVC" centrifuge product line for over 45 years. We provide our customers with complete repair, maintenance, testing and custom design services for both centrifuges and the parts and fittings of centrifuges. Beyond that, we consult with our clients on everything related to the centrifuge. Dedert sends on-site technicians to customers for start-up, commissioning, troubleshooting and rebuilding supervision as required. Additionally, new machines are provided with all of the latest technological updates, and we actively work with customers to update older machines, some of which have been in service for over 50 years.

Our service department stocks common spare parts and consumable items. We can also manufacture other required replacement items as needed. Dedert has on-site pilot test facilities located in Homewood, Illinois allowing us to determine the right solution to solve our customers' process requirements.

Model Number
HVC 1301
Basket Diameter
1400mm / 55"
1725mm / 68"
2100mm / 83"
Capacity, metric tons/day**
80 MT / Day
120 MT / Day
230 MT / Day

** Maximum capacity estimates. Actual capacities, based on product, modifications and batch times, will vary.

Please contact the Dedert Corporation After Sales Group at 708-747-7000 for additional information.
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