Air Assisted Pressure Nozzle (AAPN)

Dedert has developed a new high-capacity nozzle system. This system can produce very fine droplets and once these are dried, an even finer dry powder.

Fine particle distribution is achieved using a combination of pressure nozzles and two fluid nozzle technology. The Air Assisted Pressure Nozzle (AAPN) uses a high-pressure pump to force the slurry through a fine orifice, producing exceptionally fine atomization and small particle size distribution. This technology can attain a particle size of 5-10 microns.

Dedert’s AAPN can handle high-capacity feed. Each lance has four nozzles, which allows Dedert’s AAPN to have four times higher capacity than its competition.

Dedert’s AAPN is made of stainless steel and inserts of other durable materials. Its new design is compact and requires less connections than other atomization technologies. As a result, the AAPN has low maintenance because the connections do not need to be changed frequently.

  • High-capacity feed - 4x more than competition
  • Compact design
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Less connections
  • Easy maintenance
  • For fine powders – 5-10 microns

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