Swiss Combi Rotary Dryers

Dedert is the exclusive licensee for Swiss Combi's ecoDry™ drying system in North and South America and China for the starch and ethanol industries. The ecoDry™ destroys odors and meets emission guarantees by using a partially-closed circuit rotary dryer with integrated thermal oxidizer operating at over 1600°F (870°C).

The basis of the ecoDry™ system is an indirect heated drying process using a partially-closed steam drying loop with process-integrated thermal oxidation. The gases in the partially-closed steam loop are heated in the specially designed gas/gas heat exchanger by the exhaust gases of the furnace before being fed into the drying drum. In the drum, these gases hold water and other substances evaporating out of the product.

Apart from its environmental advantages the ecoDry™ process also consumes less energy and can be integrated in a wide variety of existing installations. The superheated steam drying atmosphere leads to a high dry product quality and a low fire and explosion risk. These benefits make this process ideal for all drying applications with problematic emissions and/or odors, and where minimal energy consumption is a decisive cost factor.

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