Plant-Based Protein

Plant-based foods, such as plant-based burgers and other texturized proteins made with pea, soy, and other plant-based proteins, have been on an upward growth trend over the last several years. There is a need for sustainable protein sources for the growing world population, with a shift in consumer trends towards a flexitarian diet driven by a focus on a healthier lifestyle and environmental and social consciousness of the impact of animal agriculture.

We are seeing considerable product innovation in the development and manufacture of plant-based food ingredients, high-value proteins and their co-products. These innovations support traditional agri-food and beverage manufacturing, and improve functional properties and taste profiles of alternate proteins.

For over 50 years, Dedert has partnered with the top manufacturers of crop-fractionated products to develop custom-engineered process technologies in evaporation and drying around the world. With changing market demands, companies are moving towards innovative specialized plant-based proteins using these processes.

Our experience, which includes the installation of turnkey industrial-scale process technology solutions for plant-based protein plants, makes Dedert ideally placed to support this industry. Our expertise extends to crop fractionation operations, brewery wastewater optimization and emerging fermentation processes. See more details regarding the processes below.

Wet Fractionation

Brewery Proteins


Dedert's customer-centric partnership approach offers full-service consultative engineering, R&D capabilities, product testing, pilot plant validation, process design, and equipment manufacturing and supply.

We work successfully with our customers to meet their product development, process innovation, and operational optimization goals. Contact us today to learn more!

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