Dedert Ring Dryers: FQTalks Webinar Ep. 42

Dedert Ring Dryers: FQTalks Webinar Ep.42

With rising demand for higher-value and higher-quality protein sources for versatile feed applications, Dedert continues a strong partnership with FluidQuip Technologies as our ring drying technology remains an integral part of their MSCTM technology process. The resulting products with a 50% protein purity are dried in Dedert ring dryers because of cohesive characteristics and a requirement for short drying residence time. Click the link to hear Dedert’s Colin Crankshaw and George Svonja discuss applications and operations of Ring Drying technology on FQTalks, the webinar series hosted by FluidQuip.

Ring Dryers are ideal for powders, pastes, cakes or slurries with challenging characteristics like heat-sensitivity, cohesiveness, and a tendency to agglomerate when a consistent final product uniformity is required.

Ring drying is a pneumatic drying technology featuring a manifold classifier to continuously circulate semi-dry solids until fully dry while passing through a disintegrator to break agglomerates and expose surface area for drying. These features combine to make ring drying very energy-efficient. With a short residence time of only a few seconds, solids are not exposed to a high-heat environment for a long duration which results in ring dried product offering the highest product quality compared to products from other drying technologies. The versatility of the ring dryer design also accommodates variations in product grades and characteristics, including changes in moisture content, evaporation rate, and product composition that could affect drying behavior.

Each of the ring dryer types can have either Open-Circuit (OC) or Partial Gas Recycle (PGR) configuration to suit the product application or operational requirements. Under OC, ambient air is used as the 1-pass drying medium. Under PGR, additional energy efficiency is achieved by recirculating the majority of the dryer exhaust stream back to the air heater as a preheated drying medium.

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