Dedert proudly launches a new air bearing atomizer (ABA)

August 2, 2022

Contact: Vishal A. Wadhvani

Tel: +1-708-570-3271


Dedert continues to revolutionize the industry while challenging the competitive market in launching a new patent-pending Air Bearing Atomizer. This technology provides a robust, low maintenance, and trouble-free operation for spray drying applications.

Conceptually, a thin film of pressurized air “levitates” the shaft of the rotary atomizer, yielding a virtually frictionless operation with true alignment while eliminating wear parts. Unlike established air bearing technology, this new technology’s efficiency and effectiveness is found in Dedert’s proprietary design with novel air distribution mechanisms, which allows the following operational advantages:
  • Oil-Free & Contact-Free
  • Simple & Ultra-Sanitary
  • Sustainable & Energy-Efficient
  • Reliable & Low-Maintenance

About Dedert:

Dedert Corporation specializes in the custom-design of industrial concentration and drying equipment and has successfully provided and integrated dryers and evaporators worldwide for over 50 years. The Dedert standard of design provides systems that are innovative, flexible, energy-efficient, and can be incorporated into customers' expansion plans. More information can be found on

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