Successful Start-Up of Dedert’s New Vital Wheat Gluten Dryer in Europe

May 20, 2022

DEDERT continues to revolutionize the processing of Vital Wheat Gluten (VWG) with the successful start-up of a state-of-the-art full ring dryer at a confidential new wheat ingredients plant in Europe. DEDERT’s engineering team collaborated in close partnership with our client’s team to commission the drying system and produce saleable product within just a few days.

Today, DEDERT’s full process supply includes the CIP-able screw press, full ring dryer, specially-designed milling system, and automated control system to produce a high quality VWG product with guaranteed vitality and water absorption characteristics and functionality.

Screw Press:

DEDERT’s team of experienced mechanical, process and electrical engineers have approached the design of the CIP system from the ground up, allowing the DEDERT screw press to outperform the competition by maintaining dewatering efficiency and improving ultra-sanitary design, cleanability, easy maintenance, and operator safety.

DEDERT’s VWG drying system features a new high-pressure Clean-in-Place (CIP) Screw Press for dewatering the gluten press with minimal moving parts while providing 360°and full-length coverage. The CIP feature automatically cleans the screw press while the plant is in operation without any operator intervention!


VWG has sticky and elastic consistency similar to “chewing gum”. DEDERT’s disintegrator has 1.2 MW motor, which generates the required RPMs and high beater tip-speeds for high-capacity operation.

The most critical feature allowing this high-power design is DEDERT’s innovative yet simple approach to clamping the beaters in place on the rotor shaft. Using a specially designed super-nut, the rotor shaft tension is now adjusted and checked with a digital handheld device providing quick, reliable, and repeatable feedback, instead of using hydraulic tools.

Furthermore, the rotor and drive shaft assembly have a symmetrical design that allows reversible installation to increase blade-life and improve overall cost of ownership.


The new design of manifold leads to a more stable dryer operation, reducing risks of blockages, uneven material loading, and surging of material in the ring duct, especially during fluctuations in wet feed quality.

The remote-adjustable manifold allows the unit to be placed in personnel-exclusion zones (e.g. plant roof, near explosion vents), while enabling remote monitoring using closed-circuit cameras and securing personal safety, making dryer management much easier since operation is achieved directly from the control room without physical local presence at the dryer

About Dedert:

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