Dedert Proudly Commissions A Turnkey Evaporator Plant In Indonesia

February 14, 2023
Evaporator Plant Site In Indonesia

Dedert commissions a new turnkey evaporator plant in Indonesia to concentrate vinasse, marking another successful project in South East Asia. This project's Multi-Effect Evaporator system includes a steel-support design and a complete stand-alone PLC controls system.

Dedert designed, supplied and installed this Quadruple-Effect system using a combination of falling film and forced circulation configuration to optimize performance, operation and maintenance.

Combining the multi-effect design with the Thermal Vapour Recompression (TVR) thermocompressor maximizes energy efficiency with optimized steam recovery.

Dedert Personnel Installing the Evaporator Plant In Indonesia

Key to the system's feature is its flexible turndown to fulfill the customer's need for variations in plant capacity.

Dedert successfully installed the first phase of the new evaporator plant, considering flexibility for the customer in both current and future capacities.

Dedert designed this evaporator plant with a clean-in-place (CIP) system to maximize up-time, product quality and overall evaporator efficiency.

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