Dedert’s Commitment to Sustainability Spotlighted in Bridge2Food Feature

July 6, 2023

Bridge2Food featured Dedert, a global leader in process technology solutions in an exclusive Q&A for the food processing industry.

In the article, Dedert’s sustainability initiatives take center stage. Dedert’s forward-thinking approach aligns with the increasing global demand for sustainable practices in the food industry. The feature discusses Dedert’s contributions to reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and improving efficiency in food processing. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies and process optimizations, Dedert empowers food manufacturers to enhance their sustainability efforts while maintaining high product quality.

Dedert remains at the forefront of technological advancements, customizing solutions to meet changing market requirements. The company is currently developing a ring dryer concept specifically for plant-based proteins as well as several spray dryer technologies for fines control or energy-efficiency, plus technology integration for heat-recovery and water-recovery opportunities.

Collaboration plays a vital role in developing sustainable technology innovations. As the alternative-protein industry continues to evolve, partnerships between equipment suppliers, process consultants, and specialized innovation centers are critical. Dedert actively engages in these collaborations to develop integrated process systems and custom designed solutions that optimize results according to the manufacturers' sustainability goals and values. Innovations include the integration of ring drying for protein applications, optimized spray drying atomization, possibilities for dry functionalization or pasteurization, and other heat-recovery or water-recovery technologies.

Looking towards the future, joint initiatives and the development of specialized pilot plants or demonstration facilities will be critical in establishing best practices and identifying optimized technologies that address specific application needs and expectations.

Dedert will be participating at this year’s Bridge2Food Summit in Singapore this November. Join us at this event for further insights into how your business can benefit from sustainable process technology!

For more information, read the full article at Bridge2Food.

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