Dedert’s New Nozzle System for Fine Powders

October 7, 2023

Dedert Corporation, global experts in drying and evaporation, continues innovating in the spray drying industry. We are proud to introduce a new nozzle system, the Air Assisted Pressure Nozzle (AAPN), which can produce very fine droplets using a combination of pressure nozzles and two fluid nozzle technology. This Air Assisted Pressure Nozzle (AAPN) can produce very fine liquid droplets and, once these are dried, an even finer dry powder. This product is suitable for drying lithium and battery materials.

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Dedert Corporation is a global process technology company specializing in custom-design drying and evaporation systems. Dedert has been at the forefront of process innovations in drying and evaporation since 1968, successfully integrating a complete range of advanced liquid and powder processing solutions. Across our Chicago, Montreal, London, Copenhagen and Shanghai offices, Dedert's innovative team creates flexible, energy-efficient designs that can be developed for a wide range of applications. Visit our website to learn more:

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