Dedert's experienced professional engineers assist customers in developing dryer and evaporator processes, taking them from concept to pilot scale to production. Dedert's fully-equipped, 10,000 square foot onsite research facility allows customers’ products to be tested on a pilot scale to establish the correct parameters and material characteristics needed for optimal design and scale-up, and to produce samples for market research. 

The adjoining laboratory allows detailed analysis of product quality.

Dedert’s multi-purpose pilot flash and ring dryer is capable of up to 150lb/hr water evaporation and is equipped with a mixing system, high efficiency cyclone and dust collector.

The pilot evaporator is designed for both falling film and forced circulation duty, fully instrumented for acquisition of key operating parameters. Additional evaporation trials and physical property measurement can be done in the laboratory.    

A pilot spray drying system with both rotary and nozzle atomization is scheduled to come online Spring 2017. The evaporation capacity will be 400lb/hr and it will be available for product development and production runs.

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MODULE-MAR7-r1.jpgPilot Spray Dryer