Dedert has been at the forefront of custom designing cost effective solutions for drying and evaporation for many years.  We have considerable experience not only in providing Dryer and Evaporator Technologies but in their integration. We are dedicated to providing equipment to meet present and rising energy needs without compromising the environment on which we and future generations depend.

Integrating evaporators to take advantage of the free energy escaping from the drying process keeps a plant’s energy consumption down, helping reduce plant operating costs and any impact on the environment.
An evaporator can use many different energy sources and Dedert has considerable expertise in making use of otherwise wasted energy sources:

  • Waste heat recovery evaporators utilizing dryer’s exhaust energy
  • Organic vapor driven evaporators in plants
  • Thermal vapor recompression evaporators that concentrate stillage and provide energy for distillation in alcohol plants
  • Evaporator systems integrated with strippers, scrubbers and distillation columns
  • Evaporators that use hot water (such as condensate) from process streams as the energy source.

Evaporator and Ring Dryer Integration
The energy in the dryer exhaust can be used as free energy in the evaporator to concentrate stillage economically.  This is demonstrated in our evaporator and dryer integration below.


Evaporator and Ring Dryer Integration


Dryer Brochure

Evaporator Brochure

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