Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Mechanical Vapor Recompression

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Dedert originally introduced mechanical vapor recompression to the corn wet milling industry over 4 decades ago.

These evaporator components are similar to steam driven systems, but with the addition of a mechanical compressor.  Mechanical energy supplied via a compressor (or fan) compresses evaporated process vapor to a higher pressure (and condensing temperature), where it is reused as heating steam.  Steam and cooling water requirements are significantly reduced.  MVR evaporators use electricity.  With increased gas prices, the operating costs of MVR evaporators are significantly lower. Fewer vessels are required than in steam powered multiple effect systems; resulting in lower installation costs.  The replacement of boiler steam with recycled vapor results in lower operating costs, making this a viable choice in many applications, and a very attractive option for higher evaporation rates.


Mechanical Recompression


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