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Dedert provides evaporative crystallizers which produce solids from a wide range of process and waste solutions.  Applications include precipitation and/or purification of crystalline solids and cost effective volume reduction of waste steams in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, utility and pollution control operations.


  • Dedert has innovative ideas for handling solutions with high boiling point elevations.
  • The majority of Dedert crystallizer installations are for customers who have previously purchased Dedert Crystallizers.

Dedert Forced Circulation Crystallizers
In the Dedert Forced Circulation Crystallizer, feed continuously mixes with a circulation slurry of precipitated solids suspended in liquid. This slurry flows through the heat-exchange tubes of a steam chest while steam condenses outside the tubes and provides the heat required for evaporation. The unit maintains a static head of liquid above the heat exchanger, which prevents boiling in the steam chest; boiling only occurs in the vapor separation chamber. This factor, combined with high circulation rates, minimizes fouling in the heat exchange tubes and extends operating periods between cleanings.

In the vapor separation chamber, slurry circulation brings suspended solids to the boiling surface, promoting growth via precipitation onto existing crystals and retarding growth on interior chamber surfaces, further minimizing cleaning requirements. A portion of the circulating slurry is continuously drawn out of the crystallizer and sent to the user’s filter or centrifuge for solid/liquid separation.

Crystalline Products Handled:

Amino Acids
Ammonium Sulfate
Citric Acid
Gluconic Acid
Itaconic Acid
Monosodium Glutamate
Potassium Carbonate
Potassium Citrate
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Citrate
Sodium Sulfate
Vitamin C
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