Energy Economy

Energy Economy

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Process optimization has long been one of Dedert's specialties.  Each Dedert Evaporator system is configured to provide the customer with the quickest return on their investment with the lowest operating cost.

Dedert design philosophy treats every evaporator system as a totally new project, custom engineered to serve a unique set of circumstances.  Systems have been designed to recycle water, separate and reduce waste, reclaim by-products, enhance process or product quality, increase throughput and improve productivity, while reducing cost.
Our energy saving expertise has been incorporated into multiple effect evaporator design and thermal or mechanical vapor recompression, where vapor from the evaporation process is recycled to minimize fuel requirements or through reclamation of hot exhaust gases from dryers, scrubbers, ovens, kilns, incinerators or other process equipment already in operation.  These approaches greatly reduce the cost of evaporator operation and improve customers' return on investment.

See the following Energy Sources for Evaporation pages (also found under Evaporator Systems):

Steam Heated Multiple Effect

Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Thermal Vapor Recompression



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