Dedert Atomizers

Dedert Atomizers

Dedert’s new patented atomizer is built around permanent magnetic motor and magnetic bearing technology. This innovative design eliminates the need for high maintenance gear drives, belts, bearings and lubrication systems.  The Dedert magnetic rotary atomizer provides unparalleled flexibility for the most demanding applications in a compact robust mechanical design, which offers lower maintenance and higher reliability over conventional rotary technology.

Advantages of Rotary versus Nozzle Atomization:

  • Product particle size can be easily adjusted via disc speed control.
  • Particle size distribution is more uniform.
  • Rotary atomization eliminates the need for a high pressure feed pump, piping and multiple nozzles.
  • Rotary atomizer can handle products with higher solids and viscosity.

Advantages of Dedert's Magnetic Rotary Atomizer:

  • Direct-drive robust design with only one moving part.
  • Compact high efficiency permanent magnetic motor up to 350hp.
  • Non-contact active magnetic bearings requiring no lubrication.
  • Extremely high disc peripheral speed of 900fps.
  • PLC-based control and monitoring systems.

Dedert atomizers can also be adapted to existing installations to increase spray dryer capacity or greatly reduce maintenance costs.

Contact Dedert for all your spray drying requirements.

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