Flash Dryers

Flash Dryers

Dedert Flash Dryers are simple yet versatile in their design. Flash Dryers can be used for drying a variety of products, usually filter cakes. Slurries, when preconditioned, will also dry well on Flash Dryers. In a Flash Dryer wet material is dispersed into the drying air stream via one of many types of feeding devices provided by Dedert. Drying takes place in a matter of seconds as heat is transferred from the airstream to the particle. Since Flash Dryers only remove surface moisture, the drying rate is constant throughout the drying phase.

Once dried the product is separated from the airstream by using high efficiency cyclones or in the case of fine products, a bag filter. Secondary air cleaning devices such as wet scrubbers or thermal oxidizers guarantee the mandatory emission levels required for permitting.

To improve efficiency Dedert Flash Dryers are often designed in a partially-closed circuit mode where exhaust gases are recycled back to the furnace. Alternate heat sources such as turbine exhaust gases can be used to increase energy efficiency in open-circuit dryers.

Flash Dryers can be designed with inlet temperatures as high as 1470° F (800°C).

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