Dedert Corporation is a specialist in the design and supply of dryers for a variety of industries. Our technology portfolio includes Spray Dryers, Flash Dryers, Ring Dryers, Rotary Dryers (ecoDry™) and Fluid Bed Dryers.

At Dedert, we work closely with our customers to offer a flexible and customized system to meet the exact requirements of the application. Our dryers are fabricated throughout the globe to offer the most competitive solution. The Dedert drying team has over 40 years experience in providing design, supply and construction of complete turn-key dryer systems. All our dryers have the highest rated safety systems, energy efficiency and reliability levels and final product quality. We satisfy all KPIs (key performance indicators) and provide comprehensive performance warranties with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dedert offers proven designs and competitive solutions for our customers’ drying applications. Our designs continually meet our customers’ expectations for product quality, energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Dedert dryers include the following:
•    Various feeding devices
•    Cyclone collection
•    Secondary collection
•    Partially-closed circuit
•    Closed circuit
•    Pressurized

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