Equipment performance relies not only on high quality replacement parts, but also on preventive maintenance. Dedert is able to provide trained technicians for on-site services. Whether the installation of replacement components, diagnostic support, performance audits or emergency repair, Dedert can supply the skilled personnel necessary to ensure our customers meet peak performance demands.

On-Site Service Examples


    Spray Nozzle Installations

 Swiss Combi ecoDry™

    Drum Alignments
    Trunnion Resurfacing
    Efficiency Audits


 Flash Dryer

    Capacity Improvements
    Energy Audits
    Performance Surveys


 Vetter Screw Press

    Press Rebuilds
    Screw/Scroll Adjustments

 Reineveld Centrifuge

    Bearing Replacements
    Basket Replacements
    CIP System Upgrades
    Door Locking Pin Repair
    Load Sensor Installation


 Vetter Tube Bundle

    Shovel Installation
    Bearing Retrofits

 Rotary Dewatering Screen

    Clearance Adjustments


After Sales Brochure

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