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Dedert is celebrating 50 years of outstanding customer service and innovation in process engineering.  Over this half-century, we have been dedicated to making a positive impact on our customers, the industry and the environment.  We have built the company into an efficient, state-of-the-art, global leader in process engineering, now with 60 engineers across the world.  The excellent performance, proven skill and enduring dedication of our employees has enabled us to push new boundaries and enter new markets to better support our customers, while maintaining delivery of the most reliable and efficient systems.

Technology innovations include:

  • Introduced mechanical vapor recompression to the corn wet milling industry
  • Pioneered waste heat evaporation and energy integration
  • Patented magnetic bearing atomizer for spray drying built around permanent magnetic motor and magnetic bearing technology
  • Designed NFPA-68 compliant curved and flush explosion vent doors
  • Created state-of-the-art pilot plant with new spray drying pilot facility in 2018 at Dedert's headquarters, in Homewood, Illinois USA


  • Head office and state-of-the-art research and development facility in Homewood, Illinois, USA
  • Dedert (Shanghai) Drying and Evaporating Technology Co., Ltd. near Shanghai, China
  • Dedert International A/S near Copenhagen, Denmark, and London, UK
  • Partnerships with Swiss Combi to allow Dedert to promote Swiss Combi ecoDry dryers in the US, China and South America, and with Aguilar y Salas in Brazil to support customers in South America


In 1968, William Dedert founded Dedert Corporation following the purchase of the Reineveld Corporation and the ownership of the Reineveld centrifuge technology specific to the starch industry from Machinefabriek Reineveld NV of Delft, The Netherlands. 

Dedert’s initial focus was on providing process equipment to the starch and starch related industries with special emphasis on the supply of evaporators and Reineveld peeler centrifuges. Over the next few years, Dedert also offered screw presses and steam tube dryers, continuing to provide sound quality solutions to the starch and starch related industries.

Dedert had success following the corn wet milling industry. As the industry expanded into high fructose corn syrup markets and developed derivative products from corn, including lysine, lactic acid, citric acid, and maltodextrins, Dedert engineers were there to provide the right technology and support the industry’s needs.  Dedert and its evaporators and dryers were, and are still today, known for being innovative and flexible, energy efficient using the latest technology, able to improve plant capacity, and designed and built for a long life with low maintenance.

Dedert soon became a world leader in drying and evaporation, introducing mechanical vapor recompression to the corn wet milling industry, and becoming a pioneer of waste heat evaporation and energy integration.  This extensive experience and expertise was leveraged into other industries such as food and chemical and in later years, the fuel alcohol market.

Dedert made three significant acquisitions of engineering and production companies:

  • LFC B.V. specialized in solid-liquid separation and was acquired in 1997. 
  • Vetter GmbH specialized in tube bundle dryers, screw presses and spent grain and yeast dryers for the brewery, food ingredient and starch/biofuel industries and was acquired in 1998. 
  • Drytec Ltd., specialized in flash and ring dryers for the starch/biofuel and chemical industries and was acquired in 2001.

Dedert also signed an exclusive licensee agreement in 2001 with Swiss Combi (W. Kunz dryTec AG) to allow Dedert to offer ecoDry™ dryers for the starch and ethanol industries to the US market.

In March 2004, Dedert Corporation was acquired by the Nordic-based private equity fund CapMan and merged with Anhydro A/S under the Anhydro Holding A/S umbrella.  During the merger Dedert Corporation was renamed Anhydro Inc. 

In 2010 CapMan divested the Drytec Ltd. and Vetter GmbH portion of the business to Moret (a French company) and sold all other Anhydro companies other than Anhydro Inc (formerly Dedert Corporation) to SPX (a US company).  At this time Anhydro Holding A/S was changed to Ordyhna Holding A/S and Anhydro Inc’s name was changed back to Dedert Corporation.

Dedert immediately embarked on a strategy to expand its technology offerings and gain access to new markets.  This strategy necessitated important investments in not only improved and new technologies, but also global market expansion through new strategic offices.

In 2011, Dedert moved into a new head office and state-of-the-art research and development facility in Homewood, Illinois. The North American headquarters combines an expanded office, a fully-equipped 10,000 square foot onsite research facility and the ability to hold critical spare parts in stock for immediate delivery.

In October 2012, Dedert (Shanghai) Drying and Evaporating Technology Co., Ltd. was formed with its office near Shanghai, China. The office enables Dedert to support the Chinese market with its full range of products and services: sales, project execution, technical support, local sourcing and manufacturing, working with high quality fabrication partners to manufacture equipment.

In 2013, Dedert signed an exclusive license agreement with Swiss Combi (W. Kunz dryTec AG) to offer Dedert’s drying technology in Europe. Dedert then signed a further agreement to allow Dedert to promote Swiss Combi ecoDry™ dryers in China and South America.

In July 2014, Dedert launched Dedert International A/S with its office near Copenhagen, Denmark. Dedert’s new office enhances Dedert's strategic partnership with Swiss Combi by improving marketing efforts and providing industry leading technical support. It allows Dedert and Swiss Combi to take on additional local operations and provide better service to global clients.

Also in 2014, Dedert developed a close working relationship with Aguilar y Salas in Brazil to support new and existing customers South America.

Meanwhile, Dedert maintained its reputation for excellence in customer service and continued its strong commitment to technological innovation, including developments in integrating evaporation and drying technologies and new product offerings.

In 2015 Dedert patented a magnetic bearing atomizer for spray drying, built around permanent magnetic motor and magnetic bearing technology. It demonstrates Dedert’s investment and contribution in advancing atomizer and spray drying technology. A new spray drying pilot facility at Dedert’s headquarters is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2018.

Dedert carries on the legacy of innovation driving the industry forward.

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